Letters to Little One

Breathe in the Now

Dear Little One,

Sometimes I struggle with anxiety. And when it hits, there are times I understand why and times I haven’t the slightest idea. I’m working on it, but sometimes it still feels bigger than me.

I’m not sure if this is something you’ll struggle with. I hope not. Though I feel as though we all do in some from, be it with anxiety or healthy doses of nerves and worry. Regardless of where you stand, I hope you know you can talk to me, and that you’re going to be okay.

Right now, I’m reading this book called OCD, the Dude & Me and in it the main character has OCD which is heightened when she gets overwhelmed. And while she can do little in the way of stopping her brain from initially becoming overwhelmed, she describes a technique on how to cope from there. She says that sometimes we’ll worry about the future and sometimes we’ll worry about the past, and in that worry we’ll send ourselves to those places, thus disconnecting ourselves from the present and making it much harder to calm down. To counteract this, she says her therapist tells her to breathe. Breathe and put your hand over your heart so you can feel it beating. Because that breath and those steady beats, those are now. They are your proof that you are here, now. You are no longer in the past and not yet in the future, so stop worrying about then and there. Take comfort in what you have now and move forward.

Keep breathing, Little One, and I’ll do the same.

See you soon.