Letters to Little One

The Prickling Desires

Dear Little One,

Throughout your life, there will be desires that prickle beneath your skin. They may be for tangible things like money or belongings, or for intangible things like love, acceptance or success. And recently I’ve come to learn that in order to have any of these things, you must first accept the possibility of not having them. You must accept the possibility that you will not be given these things by chance. You must accept that sometimes you will fail, sometimes you won’t belong, sometimes you will be poor and sometimes you will have your heartbroken. But no matter how many of these mishaps seem to add up, don’t lose faith, because each one brings you closer to where you’re supposed to be. Each one opens you up and teaches you a lesson and makes you stronger. Each one makes that prickling desire more possible. So keep moving forward.

If you promise to, I’ll do the same.


See you soon.


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