Letters to Little One

Windows Down

Dear Little One,

The thermometer reached 89 degrees today, which is unheard of for February. There are people all over the world complaining about snow pack and frozen pipes and icy roads, and then there’s us, sweating in shorts and eating ice cream cones. I’m still holding out hope that we get a little more rain before summer, but I suppose we’ll see what the weather has in store for us.

Over the last few weeks, the heat has been pretty consistent, making it impossible for me not to fall into summer patterns. I’ve pulled out my flip flops, craved frozen yogurt, and opened all the windows in my house. I’ve also started to drive with the music up and the windows down. And while I’m not really someone who likes to draw attention to myself, there is a special kind of freedom that comes with singing your heart out into the open air. I downloaded a bunch of new country songs and have been letting the breeze sweep through my car, blowing my hair around as I hum along.

So even though I know the air conditioning is tempting, and on some summer days it’s almost imperative, roll your windows down and let the fresh air cool you off as often as you can. There’s just something about it that forces you to breathe.


See you soon.


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