Letters to Little One

Cold Days

Dear Little One,

I often try to write you letters that will inspire you. I want you to read my words and know that the world is a good place despite its reputation, and that love is all you need, despite what commercials might tell you. But lately I’ve been having a little trouble finding ways to tell you that everything is okay because I’ve been feeling quite the opposite.

For a while I thought it would be better for me to wait until these feelings passed before I wrote you again, but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that that might be doing you a disservice.

While I do want to instill in you a positivity and compassion that the world needs more of, I don’t want you to think that it is frowned upon, or in some way wrong, to not feel happy all the time. Without hard days, good ones would mean little. Without tragedy, there wouldn’t be miracles. We are all going to have good days and bad days, and it is important that we respect both, for they are necessary in becoming who we are meant to be.

There’s a lyric in a song that’s on the radio right now that’s sat well with me over these past few months. “Your hardest days are a part of something so much more.” And while I don’t think these have been among my hardest days, they’ve been far from my easiest. There’s been a lot of change wrapped up in constant chaos and anxiety seems to have found it’s way into my blood. That being said however, I know that in the long run these days will have only made me stronger, and so I look forward. For the good days ahead will be the hot summer after a long winter, and the cold days will have given me the ability to appreciate the difference.

See you soon.


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