Letters to Little One

The Voice

Dear Little One,

I try my best to write about things that can both encourage and inspire you; to help you make sense of life, if that’s even possible. I do this because I’ve found comfort in the understanding, in knowing that other people can relate to what I’m going through. It makes me feel less crazy or dramatic or stupid. And it is my hope that if you are ever to get anything out of these letters, it would be that I’m just as human as you feel you are. I feel just as lost and confused and vulnerable, and in some ways I think I always will.

Today I texted a friend, in need of some self-assurance. I’d let myself give into the doubts as of late and allowed darkness to cloud my vision. I’d allowed the voice in my head—the one that points out every solitary flaw—come to the forefront of my attention and I was having trouble ignoring it any further. When I received my friend’s reply, I got a mixture of what I wanted and what I needed. She assured me that the voice was wrong and she pointed out how I’d willingly given in at times.

We all have that voice in our head and it will always find something to say to bring us down. I try my best to do things to both ignore it and quiet it all together, but there will always be moments of weakness when it finds its way back in. When that happens I think it is necessary for us to reach out. While I believe that self worth can only be built from within yourself, that doesn’t mean it has to be built alone. Never be ashamed to ask for help or reassurance. Sometimes we need to hear the words from someone else’s mouth for them to truly sink in. Sometimes it’s the only way to differentiate between the two voices in your head.

See you soon.


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