Letters to Little One


Dear Little One,

I’ve been reading a book called “Driftwood.” It centers around a girl who, after her father suddenly dies is given a series of letters from him that send her on a road trip up California. The letters reveal places and people from his past that he wants her to learn about and be a part of.

I was instantly drawn to this book due to my obsession with time. The letters are taking her places, perhaps exact locations, where her parents sat years before she was alive. It’s a mind blowing concept when I let myself really think about it.  Think of famous monuments or battlefields, people flock to them because being in the presence of previous greatness gives them a sense of greatness all their own. And while not all the places we go will be well known for the heroes of its past, there have still been people passing through them, going through their own experiences; their own good days, bad days, breakthroughs, breakdowns. It’s validating to think that someone may have stood exactly where you are, feeling the exact same thing. Makes the lonely moments feel a little less so.

See you soon.


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