Letters to Bear

They Deserve the Valentines

Dear Bear,

Remember when you used to send out notes and candy to everyone in your class? Everyone felt special and loved. They knew we had them in mind, even if it was just because their name was on the class roster.

Valentines Day morphed into something else as we grew up, something that insists upon emotional proclamations backed by chocolate and diamond faced evidence.

I went along with it for a while, hoping for a bouquet or a teddy bear just as I closed my eyes the night before. But when I got to high school, I lost all appetite for its nonsense. It was all about who’s with who doing what and how sad that you’re not with who doing what for however long.

One year, I was almost suffocated on my way upstairs to Spanish, by a balloon bouquet that read: “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE.” Believe me when I say there was no sun as the red printing foil trapped me next to Room 41, slowly killing brain cells I could have used to ace that test.

That being said, let’s make a deal. For you and me, it’s a given. We already know what all the cards say and how the chocolate tastes. There’s no need to shell anything out the night before, internally debating if it’s enough.

If anything, let’s tell everyone else how much we love and adore them. Let’s send them little things that thank them for making our lives easier. They might not know, and they should.

For me, this day will just be another one I’m thankful to be living through. No heartbreak, no tears, no empty expectations. Just another day. And someday you’ll be sat beside me, inhaling and exhaling the air of an uncharacteristically hot day in February, watching balloon after balloon float toward the actual sunshine.

See you soon.


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