New Years

Dear Little One,

There is officially one day (plus change) left in this year, which sends me into that nostalgic state of mind, thinking about all the things that have happened. I still remember sitting on my couch last December, watching the time tick by, scared to start 2014. It didn’t feel right. Something churned in my stomach, warning me that the year ahead would be a rough one. I’ll admit, there were parts of this year that I wouldn’t want to repeat. Parts that bring back that sick feeling. But there are also a number of days, weeks, and months, that I remember with a smile on my face, honored that I lived them, hopeful that I’ll tell you about them one day.

I suppose it all comes down to perspective. Cliche upon cliche will tell you this in a million different ways, with a million different examples, but like any valuable life lesson, it will only stick when you can say it to yourself, in your own way.

I don’t think there’s ever going to be a year that has 365 perfect days. And who would want one? There’s something very special about looking back not only at what you’ve accomplished, but also what you’ve overcome.

So when you find yourself in the company of a new year, stop and think about the year coming to a close. Take all of it in and appreciate every second. Then open your heart to take on the new seconds at hand.

And one more thing, Happy New Year!


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