Letters to Little One


Dear Little One,

My sister has a corkboard full of pictures hanging on the wall above her bed. 4×6’s, 5×7’s, even a few wallet size from her preschool kids at school. They’re all thumb tacked at varying angles, colliding and combining so many memories in one place.

This morning I was getting ready for work and I found myself lost in the photos. I sat there on my bed just staring at them, letting my eyes work from one to the next, taking in each moment on display. There are so many smiles. So much love and happiness. There are people I love most and people I’ve never seen before, people I’ve lost and people I’ve just met.

I looked down at my feet and laughed to myself. It’s amazing how much I spend wanting and wishing I could be doing other things. I wish I was here or there, with him or her, doing this or that. I spend so much time wanting the memories I don’t have that I often don’t take the time to remember the ones I do have.

Be in the memories you create little one, and create often.

I know some of my best memories are to be at the hands of you, I smile now just thinking of what you’ll make. But until then, I’ll keep making my own, and one day I’ll tell you all about them.

See you soon.


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