Letters to Little One


Dear Little One,

Today I went on a run for work in my dad’s truck. My car is in the shop, not feeling his best. I’m consistently overwhelmed by the mile high box of everything that is Costco and this trip was no different.

I’m not one that likes to shop on my own. I like having someone to talk to, someone to catch up with when I fall behind looking at a floral pattern. When I shop alone, all I have are the thoughts in my head and the awkward smiles of strangers.

Today, as I strolled by the frozen food section, collecting every particle of cool air that I could, I saw a little girl in a yellow dress, twirling. She was smiling and laughing and twirling to a beat all her own. So happy, so innocent, so alive. I couldn’t help but smile as I passed.

I was a few yards from her when a man called out to me, asking me if the little girl was mine. She had gotten lost in her twirl, like I do in floral patterns, and had been left behind by her mother.

I shook my head “no,” she wasn’t mine, and heard her mom call out to her. She stopped twirling and disappeared down an aisle. The man nodded at me and I kept walking, letting my mind drift with my cart down the aisle of paper goods.

One day, I thought, I will say yes.

Yes she’s mine, the one that’s a-twirl.

Yes he’s mine, the one with hair all a-swirl.

You can swirl and twirl, whether boy or girl, I’ll love you the same dear, you’ll be my little pearl.

See you soon.


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