Letters to Little One


Dear Little One,

I don’t know what you’re in to. I don’t know what talents you have. I don’t know what dreams you’re dreaming. But I can pretty much guarantee you’re having the same thoughts that I’m having at this very moment.

I can’t.

I’m scared.

Where do I even begin?

To be honest, I don’t know if these thoughts ever truly go away, but the best way I can think of to silence them, is to question them. I’m an over thinker. I tend to waste time worrying about a problem that will probably never exist and I miss opportunities because of it. I let the doubts consume me, without questioning them first.

“I can’t”

Why? If I can let myself believe that I can’t do something, then I should at least know why I believe it. What about this goal or aspiration makes it unachievable to me? How can I fix that? What can I do to better myself or my situation to bring this dream into reach?

“I’m scared”

Again, why? What is the actual root of this fear? Failure? Lame excuse. If everyone gave into the fear of failure, nothing would ever get done. There would be no innovation, there would be no success.  I get it, failure is daunting, and sometimes it can feel like the only possible outcome. But before you believe that, before you give up on something simply because you’re afraid you will fail, get up, go outside, and start walking.

Success is everywhere. Look at the sidewalk, the houses, and the cars. Look at the clothes, the stores, and the food. All of these things started with an idea.

Look at a T-shirt. That T-shirt started as an idea floating around in someone’s head. They took that idea and decided it was good enough to draw on paper. Once on paper, someone decided that that drawing was good enough to sew. Once sewn, someone decided that that T-shirt was good enough to sell. Once on sale, someone decided that that T-shirt was good enough to buy. And once bought, someone decided that that T-shirt was good enough to wear.

If that first person doesn’t pursue that idea, that shirt never exists. The same goes for cars, cell phones, shoes, and pool noodles. (All of equal importance, of course.)

My point is, never let yourself believe that the idea you have is too small or too stupid*.

*(Refer back to the fact that someone invented the pool noodle.)

The world we live in relies on the bold and courageous to get things done. You have to put yourself out there again and again and again and again. Failure will seem imminent. It will follow you around wherever you go, hoping that you finally take a seat; but keep standing, keep walking, keep trying.

If you want to make a name for yourself, speak it.

If want to get mouths talking, make yours the first to move.

Embrace your talents and your flaws and show people what you can do.

Do this, and I’ll do the same.

Make me proud.

See you soon.




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